Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Month Down, 17 To Go

Last night I realized that on Sunday I'd been blogging for one month.  WOW it really seems longer than that!  I just feel like I know so many of you so well it can't be only 4 weeks.  I think all of us who are fighting' the fat understand each other on so many levels. The support and inspiration I've found in the wt loss blogging community is AWESOME.  I appreciate y'all soooooo much.  Cyber Hugs to each and everyone one of you!

Fat Daddy Rants post today about belts made me think of my own belt story.  Whenever I start to lose weight I start wearing belts again.  And start "tucking in" again.  A couple months ago the only 2 belts (one black, one brown) that fit broke.  Sooo off to Target 'cuz I didn't want to spend too much - I've got TMTC belts that haven't fit for years but I "know" will fit soon.  2XL is the largest size Target carries but they fit.  Barely.  Just barely.  What an eyeopener.   Well I'm happy to say that now they fit.  And I'm wearing them more often. And tucking my shirts in too.  And as for those TMTC too small belts - its time to lose the weight or lose the belts. One more thing to add to my Decluttering list.

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  1. If you look at the pictures of me as I was losing weight you will notice that a belt makes an appearance! The first ones I wore were John's, but his quickly got too big for me! Eventually I got my own cute belts.

    Wonderful that the belts fit you now!! Pretty soon they will get too big and you will have to declutter those too!

  2. So funny about belts - I've never been a tucker, no matter what I weigh. But I have 2 belt "loops" that I store all my pretty belts on. I think I have every size I've ever been. Huh, maybe I need to do some decluttering too!

  3. I've never been a big belt wearer, but I have started tucking my shirts in the last several months. Feels damn good!

    (((HUGS))) back at ya'!

  4. Just found your blog! I'm in the medical field as well, ER Nurse! Look forward to reading more about your journey!