Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Down With Clutter!

My house and my body are both overburdened with toooo much consumption, so even tho healthy eating and activity is my top priority, I see the two as related so I'm working on both.

I didn't really have a decluttering plan when I started this blog, but I have noticed since I started eating healthier foods and increased my activity I've made small but steady progress. Then I found Tickerfactory and chose the lilypads as it reminds me of  lotus blossoms.  I'm trying to create a Zen like feeling in my home {well I can dream :-)}  There are 12 lilypads so I listed 12 areas that desparately need some "stuff loss" and organization.  I'm very goal oriented, so think this will keep me motivated.  Another thought that keeps me motivated is if I suddenly left this earth is this the legacy I want to leave?  A burden for my family to clean out and sort thru all this stuff?

I plan to do a "surface" decluttering first as I suffer from SOEHS (Stuff On Every Horizontal Surface) disease. Then I'll go back and do the "deep" purge.  Some on the list can be finished in a day or a weekend.  Some larger rooms (or those with more "stuff") will need to be broken down into smaller goals.

  1. Dining Room Table
  2. Kitchen Island
  3. Desk
  4. Bedroom
  5. Small Bathroom
  6. Garage
  7. Office
  8. Guest Room
  9. Basement Workroom
  10. Basement Storage Area
  11. Large Bathroom
  12. Laundry Room
Finished the garage today!  9.5 hours of lifting, climbing, carrying, bending.....what a work-out!  Filled 3 garbage cans!  And will take TMTC (too many to count) boxes to recycle center next week.  What is it with me and boxes?  Big ones, little ones, you name it I've got it....

A few years ago I discovered FlyLady  Lots of good info on this website. I found the numerous daily emails overwhelming so unsubscribed but I'm planning on going back to the website for some inspiration and ideas.


  1. Good job!

    I was just thinking as I hurried out of my apartment this morning how much I need to take a moment to clean the clutter (well, just clean really. lol) but between work and school and working out and sleep, WHEN??? But you've inspired me that it's gotta happen somehow! (& very, very soon!) We gotta clear the clutter to make room for all that huge amount of success that's coming our way ;)

  2. I think they are related as well. I love decluttering the house, it feels so good when you get one area, one room done. Good luck!

  3. I have just started doing that myself!

  4. I have a thing for boxes, too! What is up with that? I think maybe it from all the moving we did when I was a kid.

    One down, way to go!

  5. I wish I had some of those boxes! I am packing and moving and don't have enough. Had to go to U-Haul and buy some. Seems like a waste of money and not very environmentally friendly!

    I checked out FlyLady awhile back and signed up for emails. But I was getting too many from her and decided the irony of my inbox being cluttered by emails from a lady trying to help me declutter was just too much. ;-)

  6. Oh my gosh, my husband has SOEHS! And I'm just the opposite. I hate stuff! I hate knick knack stuff. He's borderline being a hoarder, and probably would be if not married to me.

    Great job on cleaning the garage. That's my least favorite task. :)

  7. Actually, its one of my favorites - get to be outside all day on a beautiful fall day and can ignore the inside of my house totally guilt free.