Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot 100 Challenge

Check out South Beach Steve's Hot 100 Challenge.  He's extended the deadline to enter - before midnight Central Time Monday 9-28. Just need to create some goals; Post those goals.  Give an update at least every 10 days thru the end of the year.  Prize is random drawing for a jar of  smokin' hot pickled jalapenos!  Check out the cool logo - that alone is worse entering!

My Hot 100 Goals
  1. Walk, exercise, work out at least 5 X a week 30-60 minutes. Total of at least 250 minutes per week
  2. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day
  3. Track calories with my electronic calorie counter.
  4. Limit Diet Coke to weekends only and no more than 2 per day
  5. Pump plastic ( I need some new dumb bells!) 2 X per week
  6. Complete one decluttering by the 19th of each month
  7.  Lose 17.75 lbs by December 1st (will put me under 200lbs) Have had this goal on my blog for a couple of weeks now.
  8. Maintain weight thru December (weigh no more on Jan 1 than I did on Dec 1


  1. Great goals! I love the pump plastic! :-)

    Glad to have you along for the contest!

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for posting about this. I didn't know about it poreviously. I already started a list of my goals and will be posting them tomorrow.

  3. I joined up with Steve, too. How thrilling for you to get below 200 by the New Year!! I am aiming for 215.

    I was looking over some of your older posts. I like the Trigger Trolls. My husband loves to watch the Food Network. I record these shows and we try to watch them while we are eating. Otherwise, it makes me want to jump in the fridge and clean out everything in site. Sometimes just looking at the recipes on blogs makes me want to eat too. The more I resist, the easier it is becoming.