Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lose 16 Tons - Oops Pounds

Lose 16 pounds, and what will I get
Too tight clothes now start to fit
Don't ask me out for pizza, 'cuz I won't go
I've committed my soul to losin' some mo'

Lose 22 pounds and what will I do
Keep eatin' those veggies and fresh fruit too.
Don't pass me any brownies 'cuz I won't say yes
I've committed my soul to bein' my best.

Lose 33 pounds and what will I know
That I've got more zip, get up and go
Don't tell me not to workout, that's not in my plan
The couch potato is on permanent ban

Lose 44 pounds and what will I see
Less and less of what used to be me
Don't hand me that fast food, I'll just say no
My journey to health I don't want to blow

Lose 55 pounds and what will I have
Hard flat abds not a ball of flab
Don't give me diet soda, whiskey, beer or gin
'Cuz my fight with fat, I wanna win

Lose 66 pounds and what will I be
A thinner, healthier, much fitter me
Don't ask me out for cheesecake 'cuz I won't go
I've committed my soul to gettin' to goal.

Lose 78 pounds and I'll make my goal
Maintaining this weight will be my new role
Don't let me forget how far I've come
'Cuz this battle hasn't been easily won.


  1. WOW Doc,
    LOVED IT!!!
    very very good!! so so true!! good for you!!

  2. Great poem! That'd be great in the back of a food journal.

  3. Stumbled across your blog, and was treated to this delightful poem/song. I already love this song and really enjoyed this new version. You're a great writer!

  4. Excellent! "I've committed my soul to gettin' to goal." I love it!

    I'm going to check out "Heft on Wheels." Looks pretty good.

  5. Fantastic, Dee!! Love it :) Thanks for the encouragement on my page. I agree - gotta be active about chasing away the clouds. Just some 'demons' of mine revisiting, bleh bleh and more bleh!
    Nothing time and effort won't fix. Thanks for the positive vibes, I got em!

  6. Great Stuff!

    I'm working on decluttering as well. I'd be interested on knowing how you're tackling this if you don't mind posting about it. I know that often a cluttered house goes hand in hand with a cluttered body.

  7. I like the couch potato going away one! You should always keep that!

  8. Congratulations! I have an award for you!