Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pine Ups Anyone?

Amazon Runner's comment on my last blog about working out by lifting and splitting logs was too good not to repeat:  "You may have invented a new fitness craze that will sweep the nation-- just think....... Birch presses, ashrobics, pine-ups........." Very Very clever!  Thought  for a minute she might have been channeling Jack Sh*t  

(Actually I'm dealing with elm, oak, locust, mulberry and walnut, but too tired to come up with new wood-work out names. Any more ideas AR? Anyone else?)

Every fall I usually spend 3-4 hours each weekend filling my logracks to get ready for winter. Yep, moving, splitting and stacking wood is a great workout.  And the reason we say when you burn wood for warmth it "heats you twice".
Monday was my weigh-in day.  I weighed in, changed my weight loss ticker and  "countdown"   I'm not going to mention it in a post; I've decided that unless I hit a milestone I won't mention weekly losses (or gains)  I'll continue to change my "ticker" and change my "countdown" -- just not comment. Over the last few weeks I've learned that my weight from one week to another doesn't tell the whole story.  Whats much much more important is the process.  And dealing with my inner gremlins, self-sabotage and my issues surrounding food.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Pass the Advil.....and Meant to Be

Great but busy weekend.  Increased my workout goals for the Hot 100 Challenge to 300 per week but I blew that away this weekend.  Seven hours (420 minutes) of lifting and carrying logs and branches.  Had 6 dead trees cut down during the week.  Tree guy doesn't charge much but doesn't do the clean up.  Fine with me 'cuz its a great workout and I have a woodstove. And a fireplace. And a bonfire pit.  Will have plenty of wood for the winter.....but still have most to cut up and it will all will need to be split.   I usually hand split wood, but the dead trees are elms.  They're a b*tch to split by hand - cross-grained according to my bros.

So guess I'm pumpin' wood instead of plastic.  But, I'm thinking that thsoe 300 hours of exercise shouldn't be in 2 days !!!  I'm definitely needin' some advil!

Meant to be???  So on Wedneday I run out of gas on my way to work. And this "angel" stops and gives me a lift.  Turns out she lives just a few miles from me.  Turns out she's roughly my age and lives alone. Turns out she loves to bike but has problems finding someone to bike with.  Turns out she has a fireplace, but has no wood, but does have access to a hydraulic wood splitter.  YIPPPEE!!!!!!

Meant to be???  H*ll yes!!!   Think I'm going to run out of gas every week!   But will carry my own gas can.  Price for a one gallon gas can at the gas station: $10.99 plus tax.  Ouch!

PS: I have plenty of walnut, oak and locust I'll still handsplit this winter.  Who needs a gym?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot 100 Challenge

Check out South Beach Steve's Hot 100 Challenge.  He's extended the deadline to enter - before midnight Central Time Monday 9-28. Just need to create some goals; Post those goals.  Give an update at least every 10 days thru the end of the year.  Prize is random drawing for a jar of  smokin' hot pickled jalapenos!  Check out the cool logo - that alone is worse entering!

My Hot 100 Goals
  1. Walk, exercise, work out at least 5 X a week 30-60 minutes. Total of at least 250 minutes per week
  2. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day
  3. Track calories with my electronic calorie counter.
  4. Limit Diet Coke to weekends only and no more than 2 per day
  5. Pump plastic ( I need some new dumb bells!) 2 X per week
  6. Complete one decluttering by the 19th of each month
  7.  Lose 17.75 lbs by December 1st (will put me under 200lbs) Have had this goal on my blog for a couple of weeks now.
  8. Maintain weight thru December (weigh no more on Jan 1 than I did on Dec 1

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Month Down, 17 To Go

Last night I realized that on Sunday I'd been blogging for one month.  WOW it really seems longer than that!  I just feel like I know so many of you so well it can't be only 4 weeks.  I think all of us who are fighting' the fat understand each other on so many levels. The support and inspiration I've found in the wt loss blogging community is AWESOME.  I appreciate y'all soooooo much.  Cyber Hugs to each and everyone one of you!

Fat Daddy Rants post today about belts made me think of my own belt story.  Whenever I start to lose weight I start wearing belts again.  And start "tucking in" again.  A couple months ago the only 2 belts (one black, one brown) that fit broke.  Sooo off to Target 'cuz I didn't want to spend too much - I've got TMTC belts that haven't fit for years but I "know" will fit soon.  2XL is the largest size Target carries but they fit.  Barely.  Just barely.  What an eyeopener.   Well I'm happy to say that now they fit.  And I'm wearing them more often. And tucking my shirts in too.  And as for those TMTC too small belts - its time to lose the weight or lose the belts. One more thing to add to my Decluttering list.

PS: Check out the giveaway on Fight Fat Phobia

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Divine Secrets of the Fat-Fat Sisterhood

Women unite! Its time for us corpulent Goddesses to come together:

1.To show TLOEFGM (The League of Extraordinarily Fat Gentlemen) we will not tolerate the wicked b*tch Miss O'Gynnie

2.To combat the evil TOM and his notorious side kick Aunt Flo

3.To replace Miss O'Gynnie, TOM & FLO with "Ms. Moon Tyme"

Now I've reached that stage in life when TOM and FLO don't come to visit anymore, but I'm still a part of the sisterhood and willing to share the Divine Secrets!

If you want to join the "Fat Fat Sisterhood" and be mentioned in soon to come "Divine Secrets" sagas leave a comment with your complete blog site URL.

Here's an advance preview:

Downsizing Doc [speaking about TOM] "How can I possibly call someone who
no longer exists? Give me that phone!"
[Phone rings....]
Coley-Ole "OMG! That's TOM! Do NOT pick up the phone! Please do not pick up the phone. Doc, don't pick up that phone!"
Downsizing Doc [picks up the phone]  "Hello??????"
To Be Continued.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The scale is a fickle b*tch and not to be trusted.

Thanks to all who made supportive (or threats of flogging!) comments in response to yesterday's post.

Weighed in first thing this am (well actually yesterday since its now after midnight) and did NOT gain anything.  I couldn't believe it.

So, like I said "The scale is a fickle B*tch and not to be trusted!"
Certainly not one to let control my "moods or foods" (which usually go hand in hand) The 2 lb wt gain last week didn't start me on my downward spiral, but it sure didn't help. It most likely was mostly fluid shifts/water weight.

When I look back over the last week I realized inspite of several things I did "wrong" I did make several good choices:
1. As soon as I started feeling better physically, I started increasing my activity
2. Most of my bad food choices were the salty chips and salsa variety. Easy on the cheese.
3. Over the weekend ate too much - but the spaghetti was made with tofu noodles with a sauce was marinara with portobella mushrooms and black olives. And I made a pizza with the leftover sauce and a flat-out. Again, easy on the cheese.
Today was a good lesson - over time I can use the scale to assess my progress and keep me honest, but during once a week weigh-ins the scale isn't telling the whole picture. Not even close.

I'm in this for the long haul and its the process (increased activity and smarter food choices & portion sizes) that will get me where I want to go.  

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Back

And I never should have left!

I enjoy the muscle aches and fatigue after a good workout, but not before. Whatever hit me knocked me right out of my workout routine and right back into very bad (but familiar) food habits. I "lurked" for a few days and made a few comments but then stayed away. Its so much easier for me to support others than to admit I was struggling and needed support (or a great big kick in the backside) myself.

I did weigh-in on Monday and gained 2 lbs. Not bad and I expected a gain at somepoint....just not this early. Tomorrow's the day to weigh-in again - I'm expecting a gain. Probably a huge one. But I'm back and I'll post the gain.

We all know this is hard, but for the first several weeks things were going so well it seemed almost easy. I've been down this road too many times - I should have known the struggle (or worse) was just around the corner. I stayed away due to denial and feeling like a failure (again) - and that I had let down those following my blog. I think the REAL way I let everyone down was not posting about how I was struggling. In this wt-loss blogging community I've been inspired, challenged and supported - but this only truly works if I all share my entire journey - the struggles and setbacks as well as the victories.

While my blog is about weight loss and the journey life-long, the real journey is about life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Think I maybe coming down with something so no walk tonight.  Time to rest and shake this bug or whatever it is. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Day

Long day, but a good one. Still got my exercise in; healthy food.  Falling asleep at my computer so its time to hit the rack.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Phew! I'll take it!

Down one pound!  Not as good as I'd hoped, but on Thursday I was up one pound, and food was not good Friday and Saturday.   Three days of extra activity and sensible eating Sunday and Monday saved my bacon....errr tempeh (Fakin' Bacon)

(My weigh-in day is Monday and I do an "weekend incentive" weigh-in on Fridays - but I was not at work Fri- Mon and don't have a scale at home)

Took a good look at what my food choices have been over the last week and am becoming more aware of portion sizes and those extra (sometimes huge) calories that "sneak" in (cheese, etc)

Bottom Line:  Activity good; Food getting better. 

Committed to be able to change the song to LOST 16 lbs very soon!

Down With Clutter!

My house and my body are both overburdened with toooo much consumption, so even tho healthy eating and activity is my top priority, I see the two as related so I'm working on both.

I didn't really have a decluttering plan when I started this blog, but I have noticed since I started eating healthier foods and increased my activity I've made small but steady progress. Then I found Tickerfactory and chose the lilypads as it reminds me of  lotus blossoms.  I'm trying to create a Zen like feeling in my home {well I can dream :-)}  There are 12 lilypads so I listed 12 areas that desparately need some "stuff loss" and organization.  I'm very goal oriented, so think this will keep me motivated.  Another thought that keeps me motivated is if I suddenly left this earth is this the legacy I want to leave?  A burden for my family to clean out and sort thru all this stuff?

I plan to do a "surface" decluttering first as I suffer from SOEHS (Stuff On Every Horizontal Surface) disease. Then I'll go back and do the "deep" purge.  Some on the list can be finished in a day or a weekend.  Some larger rooms (or those with more "stuff") will need to be broken down into smaller goals.

  1. Dining Room Table
  2. Kitchen Island
  3. Desk
  4. Bedroom
  5. Small Bathroom
  6. Garage
  7. Office
  8. Guest Room
  9. Basement Workroom
  10. Basement Storage Area
  11. Large Bathroom
  12. Laundry Room
Finished the garage today!  9.5 hours of lifting, climbing, carrying, bending.....what a work-out!  Filled 3 garbage cans!  And will take TMTC (too many to count) boxes to recycle center next week.  What is it with me and boxes?  Big ones, little ones, you name it I've got it....

A few years ago I discovered FlyLady  Lots of good info on this website. I found the numerous daily emails overwhelming so unsubscribed but I'm planning on going back to the website for some inspiration and ideas.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Giant Sized Portions = Giant Sized Me

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my blog yesterday.  I plan on "doing" a song once or twice a week - probably on weekends when I have more time.  I'm open to suggestions for songs you'd like :-)

Read JackSh*t this am and his comment on how his food hasn't been "spot on" really made me stop and think about my food. Since I started this wt loss journey about 3 weeks ago, my food choices have been better. Much better.  But I still am not watching portion sizes - an avacodo is full of "good fat" right?  But if I down the whole thing then I'm full of fat. (And full of sh*t when I'm fooling myself) Calories count. 

I bought a hand-held electronic calorie counter and digital scale last March, but I'd only used the calorie counter to log a couple of meals and the scale is still in the box.  Being aware of what I'm putting in my mouth is important as I know I totally underestimate portion sizes or calorie content of what I'm eating.  Or both. So I got out the calorie counter and logged my meals today.   And measured.

I know I use food for emotional reasons and addressing those underlying issues for me is key; but its also easy to fool myself into overeating even good choices.

Its also a huge eye opener about how many calories are in, say, that Santa Fee burger I ate at Red Robin Friday. 1095 calories!!! 68 grams of fat! 1508 mg sodium.... But at least they do have the nutritional info available on their website...and can even customize the toppings.  Several places, such as Applebees, refuse to put this info on their websites.

A couple of you have asked about my decluttering efforts - I plan to post more about that tomorrow. . I've been focusing more on the food and activity for wt loss; and since its been so nice I've been working outside.  (Win-win because I'm getting in some great exercise while cleaning up the yard; & lots more fun than this winter when I'll be on the "dreadmill')

A couple months ago I picked up a copy of  "Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat" on a bargain table at Borders.  Started reading it tonight after I saw it mentioned by Lori Ann on her blog Princess in a Not so Fairy Tale World  (She has a video clip with author interview).  So far it looks very good.

Overconsuming, both food and stuff, for me is a sign of some underlying emotional issue - emotional pain I'm trying to numb, an emptiness I'm trying to fill.  But as a temporary "quick fix" it doesn't work and I just need more and more. If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the solution. More "stuff" isn't either.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lose 16 Tons - Oops Pounds

Lose 16 pounds, and what will I get
Too tight clothes now start to fit
Don't ask me out for pizza, 'cuz I won't go
I've committed my soul to losin' some mo'

Lose 22 pounds and what will I do
Keep eatin' those veggies and fresh fruit too.
Don't pass me any brownies 'cuz I won't say yes
I've committed my soul to bein' my best.

Lose 33 pounds and what will I know
That I've got more zip, get up and go
Don't tell me not to workout, that's not in my plan
The couch potato is on permanent ban

Lose 44 pounds and what will I see
Less and less of what used to be me
Don't hand me that fast food, I'll just say no
My journey to health I don't want to blow

Lose 55 pounds and what will I have
Hard flat abds not a ball of flab
Don't give me diet soda, whiskey, beer or gin
'Cuz my fight with fat, I wanna win

Lose 66 pounds and what will I be
A thinner, healthier, much fitter me
Don't ask me out for cheesecake 'cuz I won't go
I've committed my soul to gettin' to goal.

Lose 78 pounds and I'll make my goal
Maintaining this weight will be my new role
Don't let me forget how far I've come
'Cuz this battle hasn't been easily won.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Checking In

Just a quick update - long couple of days at work. Exercise is consistant for several days - darker blue on my activity calendar when I do at least 50-60 minutes of walking or heavy yard work, etc.

Food choices generally good; cutting way back on Diet Coke.

Falling asleep at the computer so off to get some zzzzzzzzzzz's

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stumbled but Did Not Fall

Today we had a last minute lunch meeting at work - and somebody ordered pizza. Even tho I reached for the veggie pizza and ate much less than I would have 3 weeks ago, I still felt bloated & gross afterward. Too much salt and fat - like I swallowed a lead weight. Of course my usual nope I'm going to rename it my OLD response to this feeling would to be top it off with chocolate.....and keep going into the evening.

Just being aware of how bad I felt was a victory but I also did not give in to the chocolate. We've rearranged work stations and the receptionist I now walk by several times a day has a bowl of mini Snickers bars at her desk. Up 'til now I've been totally ignoring those candy bars. But today after that pizza stumble, the first time I walked by I gave them a good long look. The 2nd time I actually picked one up......but put it back down again! YIPPEE!

Thinking it thru later - I think I was completely aware and purposely focused on my body's reaction. Physically, I felt absolutely aweful. And after 3 wks of healthy eating it was a very miserable feeling . But the key was I didn't let it trip me up emotionally as it would have in the past. The old me would have been full of guilt and shame and then would try to supress those feelings with more food. And the vicious cycle would begin.

So a stumble and a victory today. Right now it seems so easy, but it's still scary 'cuz I've been here before and that next full-on day long/week long /month long binge maybe just around the corner. The difference this time is I'm paying attention to my body, learning from my missteps instead beating myself up, and I've got the support of the blogging community.