Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Pass the Advil.....and Meant to Be

Great but busy weekend.  Increased my workout goals for the Hot 100 Challenge to 300 per week but I blew that away this weekend.  Seven hours (420 minutes) of lifting and carrying logs and branches.  Had 6 dead trees cut down during the week.  Tree guy doesn't charge much but doesn't do the clean up.  Fine with me 'cuz its a great workout and I have a woodstove. And a fireplace. And a bonfire pit.  Will have plenty of wood for the winter.....but still have most to cut up and it will all will need to be split.   I usually hand split wood, but the dead trees are elms.  They're a b*tch to split by hand - cross-grained according to my bros.

So guess I'm pumpin' wood instead of plastic.  But, I'm thinking that thsoe 300 hours of exercise shouldn't be in 2 days !!!  I'm definitely needin' some advil!

Meant to be???  So on Wedneday I run out of gas on my way to work. And this "angel" stops and gives me a lift.  Turns out she lives just a few miles from me.  Turns out she's roughly my age and lives alone. Turns out she loves to bike but has problems finding someone to bike with.  Turns out she has a fireplace, but has no wood, but does have access to a hydraulic wood splitter.  YIPPPEE!!!!!!

Meant to be???  H*ll yes!!!   Think I'm going to run out of gas every week!   But will carry my own gas can.  Price for a one gallon gas can at the gas station: $10.99 plus tax.  Ouch!

PS: I have plenty of walnut, oak and locust I'll still handsplit this winter.  Who needs a gym?


  1. That is so cool that you met someone who wants to bike ride with someone! I would say definitely meant to be!

  2. Oh, that gave me goosebumps! I love it when things like that happen!

    What an amazing workout you had! (I bet it felt like 300 hours. lol)

    You are doing amazing with your decluttering--yes, I consider yard work, removal of trees, sprucing things up as decluttering! =)

  3. I learned this same lesson this past spring. We had a terrible winter storm that brought down lots of trees and branches. The workouts I got from cleaning that mess up rivalled anything you would get in a gym. Needless to say, the hydraulic splitter is much easier than doing it by hand. :-)

  4. That was definitely a fortuitous hookup! 7 hours hauling trees? Holy moly. I want some Advil just reading that!

  5. Well that worked out just right. I'm keeping my eye out for a bicycle now. I want to ride.
    Yard work is way harder than gym work, I would imagine. It's a wonder you can even move around today.

  6. Serendipity - even the word is amazing! I love it when the universe smiles at us. I love it even more when we notice.

    You may have invented a new fitness craze that will sweep the nation-- just think....... Birch presses, ashrobics, pine-ups.........

  7. The Universe is smiling upon you, Doc. Awesome!

  8. Wow, that really is amazing to hook up with this gal. And chopping wood? I would imagine that that will burn a few calories.

  9. Good for you! How cool to find a person to bike with and with a wood splitter! Amazing how God works sometimes!