Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old Habits - Should be stapled, spindled and mutilated!

Was soooo pleased with myself - last night had worked out after good news from the scale in the am. Made a healthy dinner (TLT's*) and made a wonderful salad for lunch for today.....even remembered to take it to work.......but.....didn't eat breakfast and by noon was hungry enough that a salad wasn't what I wanted. Soooooo off to the local sandwich shop. Did ask them to make it a wrap, but grabbed those chips off the rack plus a 24 oz diet coke. And instead of saving half of the sandwich for dinner or tomorrow's lunch like usual I ate the whole thing. AGH!
*(Tempeh Lettuce and Tomatoes - found some tempeh "Fakin' Bacon" at the health food store)

Had my workout clothes at the ready for a walk after work, but of course felt so bloated that I just went straight home. Double AGH!

BUT I came home and wasn't hungry, so waited until I was actually hungry and ate a light, healthy supper.

AND here's what I learned:

  • Eat Breakfast, Eat Breakfast, Eat Breakfast.

  • I CAN make healthier choices (made it a wrap)

  • I'm starting to listen to my body more and actually waiting until I'm truly hungry instead listening to my "head hunger"

  • I don't skip lunch or dinner, so why the hell would I skip a workout?

  • Just one meal - no big deal. Let it go - no matter how bad I feel.

  • This is HARD. Real hard.

Reading blogs tonight many mentioned the importance of consistancy and commitment. Dedication and determination.

Today's Mantra (To quote Coley - and Yoda):

"Do or Do Not. There is No Try."


  1. thank you I needed to hear that....DO or DO not,,,there is NO try!!!
    so correct..

  2. Hey sweet thing! I toootally feel ya girl! And you're right - we learn and we let it go because harboring those bad/guilty feelings isn't good either! We're on a quest for "a new normal" and that's having a healthy relationship with food, right? And even healthy relationships have ups and downs. We're just on a quest not to have those every day! You're still going strong, and doing so great, and learning along the way!! And me, too! We're in this together,sista and oh yeah - not easy.
    Someone once told me, "IT is easy. It's easy for skinny people."
    I wanted to smack him... if you haven't noticed... I'm not skinny!!