Friday, August 21, 2009

Day Two
Since its after midnight its really start of day 3. Food choices getting better; I've been eating breakfast - non fat plain yogurt with fresh raspberries or blueberries. For lunch: salads with salmon or turkey; home grown tomatoes. Problem comes in the evening - don't know why I struggle so much with eating too much at night.

Good news is the local healthfood store has expanded and now has a deli - healthy food that's convenient for those busy days. And since I live alone it helps that I can buy small quantities - and it helps with portion control.

Still have not starting exercising - though have been more active with house and yard work. I'm just getting started and already having trouble getting motivated - need to kick it up a notch. Why is this so hard? I know what to do......

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  1. Hi again Dee! If you aren't feeling motivated to work out yet, I think you should feel comfortable waiting a bit!
    I know that when I exercise after having not for a while, my appetite flies through the roof! And I find it even harder to eat well. Your menu sounds like your eating very healthfully and balanced, that's great!!