Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trigger Trolls

I'm keeping a list of my triggers cuz I think it will help me recognize them......so when that Trigger Troll raises its ugly head I can say "Oh, I know you. There you are again. Go away!"

  • Snacks and treats at work, especially when I skip breakfast. Never can "Just say No"
  • Lunch time at work when A) I don't eat breakfast and/or B) I don't bring lunch. Fail to plan, plan to FAIL.
  • End of long day at work - as soon as I drive out of parking lot I'm thinking where I can get a quick meal. Preferably with large portions. Chinese? Mexican? Pizza? KFC?
  • Friday night. Why is it I think its OK to eat "whatever" because its the end of the week?
  • Saturday Night
  • Sunday Night
  • Think I'm seeing a pattern here.
  • Saturday AM: sleep in, get up and throw Friday nite leftovers into the micro and head for the TV. Let the eating begin. Have spent entire weekends this way. No wonder I'm overweight and my house is dirty and cluttered
  • Potlucks - unlucky for me. Ditto for Buffets and "all I can eat" Bet they never counted on how much that is.
  • When I'm tired or stressed or bored or angry or scared or lonely.
  • Commercials on TV. Why don't they ever advertise broccoli?
  • Free food - with what it does to my health, there's nothing "free" about it.
  • Sporting event brauts. Loaded with fat, salt, white flour AND overpriced.
  • Traveling -especially by car. So I leave my health at home????
  • To be continued.......


  1. These are VERY common triggers,you can get past this defeat one trigger at a time..

  2. Ah, I recognize myself in there! When I feel too tired, upset, lonely ... or conversely (go figure) ... when I celebrate the end of a hard day or any other kind of achievement, where do I go to? You've got it: eat, eat, eat.

    The trick for me is to replace the eating behaviour with something else that is healthy and can be equally satisfying. I'm nowhere near an expert with that yet, but I'm learning! =)

    For instance, I've discovered quite by accident that lotioning my hands is just as good as reaching for a chocolate. Brushing and flossing in the evening as soon as dinner is over works, too - there is NO way I'm repeating that again for the sake of a little comfort eating!

    You'll find your groove, or hey, perhaps you already have, since I'm reading your blog from the start upwards. =)