Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanks and Hot 100 Update

Thanks Helen and Sandra for the award.  I get sooo much inspiration and motivation from so many of you that I'm honored to think I might be able to do the same for others in the weight loss blogging community.

Hot 100 UpDate (Getting Warmer)

Not meeting most of  my goals, but did much better towards end of the week when I decided to "get real"  Committed to nailin' all of them next week.

Walk, exercise, work out at least 5 X a week 30-60 minutesTotal of at least 300 minutes per week YES! - Total 425 hours of "functional fitness" and walking. And five times for first time.
Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day -
Made it 2 out of 7 days - again. This one is key. Need to step it up.
Track calories with my electronic calorie counter.
Didn't use the hand held, but downloaded free trial of Calorie King and been
using since Thursday. MUCH easier.
Limit Diet Coke to weekends only and no more than 2 per day
Nope :-(   I'm going to add to this "drink 6-8 eight oz glasses of water daily.  Instead of just eliminating "the bad", I'll add "the good"
Pump plastic ( I need some new dumb bells!) 2 X per week
Yep.  Still lifting logs not plastic 
Complete one decluttering by the 19th of each month
Spending weekends working outside getting ready for winter - I have cleaned out and reorganized my storage shed and "decluttered" 6 dead trees.and a dead pickup! But these were not on my original list AND I have some major areas inside that need attention - soooo I'm not counting this as a "yes" unless I get one done by the end of the month.
Rest of goals are longer term


  1. I have had a really hard time with the Diet Soda too! Good job on the excercise this week!

  2. You deserve that award and well done on accomplishing so many of your goals. It takes time (probably about 100 years) to get perfect, lol!

  3. Hi Doc. Just wanted you to know that I did a post on my thoughts on decisions, etc. Referenced you of course!

  4. It looks like you are doing pretty good, especially with the exercise. I am sure the logs are giving you a great workout. I think if you accomplish your new water goal, the diet coke goal will follow.

    Make it a great day!