Friday, October 16, 2009

Struggling Part 3

Thanks to all who gave me ideas on the Calorie counter.  Second day of Calorie King free trial and its working fine.  I did try SparkPeople a year or so ago - but the web site had all this other "stuff" that kept distracting me. LOL  I still get lots of emails from them - which I just delete.  I'll go back and check it out again - and the other ones suggested.  My mind set is definitely different now.
Part 3:

There is an employee I supervise who is very frustrating.  One of those who always does just enough to get by.  Spends more energy avoiding work than doing it. Always playing games.  Pushing the boundaries of our policies and rules right up to the edge.  Usually with minor things but it still is time-consuming and affects other staff.     Actually once told me they knew they were breaking the dress code rules, but "just wanted to see how long I could get away with it"  (Is being disciplined but not enough to fire. Yet.)

The point of all of the above is last week during my bingeing and soul-searching I had a real lightbulb moment.  DUH!   All of the above is true of me and my weight loss efforts.  

1. Does just enough to get by
2. Spends more time and energy {persuing junk food}than just fixing the healthy stuff (late night trips 20 minutes into town for the "binge du jour)
3.Always playing Games - with the scale; (well I binged several times last week but still showing a 1/2 lb loss so I'm doing OK)
4. Always playing Games - (I'll start Monday; I'll start first of the month; I'll start after the holidays; I'll start when I get back from vacation, I'll start........tomorrow which is a day that never comes)
5. Pushing the rules right up to the edge (Calories OUT > Calories IN - we're not talking rocket science here.)
6.Know I'm breaking the rules, but how long can I get away with it  (well Diabetes and high Trigs are telling me my time is up)

Time to stop playing games, stop doing this half-assed and get real


  1. Let's all get fired up for the remainder of the year. I've been kinda half-assed myself. Allowing other things to block the view of my destination.

    Good luck!

  2. After playing around today with Calorie King, I found I *really* like it. I may just cancel my WW subscription. I liked how it showed the graphs of what I ate--too many carbs! I found it easy to use.

    I understand about all the distracting stuff at SparkPeople. I can barely keep up with blogs, I don't have time to keep up with an entire website. Which was why I liked CK--download to your comuter, not done while online.

    I love your analogy about the person at work and yourself on program. I think it's great when we can make connections like that.

  3. Please excuse me for being so behind on your blog - I am just caught up now, lol!

    Your last entry was fascinating and is ringing alarm bells in my head - I have this tendency to be a bit all or nothing and the past 7 months I have been very all!

    What is clear is that you can achieve a lot when you put your mind to it and it is obvious that you have figured out that it is the whole package that needs to be worked on, attitudes to food, exercise, mind and spirit.

    Now you know what you need to work on, I KNOW you are going to do it!

    And thanks to your honest posts, I too will look at my own failings and work on them - thank you for making me think, darn it!

  4. Wow, that is a great analogy. Talk about everyday life teaching a lesson!

    I use Sparkpeople's calorie and fitness calculators and ignore all the other stuff. You can actually set your profile up so you don't get any emails or extras. That's what I did.

    Stop by my blog today and pick up your award.

  5. Thanks for calling me out with this one! lol! I see how I am slacking and making too many excuses! Time to put myself on a PIP! (performance improvement plan)

  6. Hmmm... I'm thinking you've been reading my mind. Your list could just fit me perfectly lately. I look at all these successful people in blogland that have done so well in a short time and I've only managed a small percentage in a years time. AND I KNOW it is because I'm only doing Enough to Just Get By.
    Thanks for this!

  7. What a wake up call. It is amazing how we see the others faults, but we cannot see our own mistakes so clearly. I commend you on picking up on this. This should be just what you need for motivation right now.

  8. Eureka! Those wake up calls are wonderful, because once we are aware of a pattern or behavior, we can do something about it. This is my first visit to your blog...I've seen your comments on a lot of blogs. I'm going to read through some of your archives, but I can already see that you're doing great. You'll be in the new century (ONEderland) before you know it.

  9. Sorry to double dip, but I'm an over 50 gal myself, and losing weight is quite a different ballgame after menopause! Don't know if you're there yet, but it's a lot harder, just like I always read it would be!

  10. I've been saying "If not now, when?" to myself lately. For me also, tomorrow never comes. I don't want to look myself in the eye a year from now and wish I had just gotten serious for once.

  11. I would reccomond a site I have been using for a couple of months now, and it's free. www.nutrimirror.com. It takes a little time to log your food into the site but it has really helped me become accountable for what food I put in my body.

    Best of Luck