Friday, October 9, 2009

The Naked Truth

In August I posted about seeing myself on the JumboTron at a ball park  Jumbo was right.  Especially since I was sitting.  I took a picture when I got home and included it in the post.

Well, I've had another eye-opener - earlier this week I saw my own doc.  While sitting on the exam table trying to hold the gown together I noted a huge mirror on the wall above the sink......There was this very fat middle aged women I didn't recognize in the room with me!   If that wasn't bad enough, I actually got brave enough to open the gown up so saw this vision of obesity in full side-al nudity.  Au Naturale. Buck nekked. Birthday suit.  While this was even more of an eye-opener than last August, I'm NOT posting a photo this time!

The point is - I can fool myself or deny how obese I am but seeing 65 pounds of  excess wobbly parts was just the dose of reality I needed.  (Just what the doctor ordered?)


  1. Do you think that mirror was placed there on purpose? Hmmmm..

    I have a full-sized one in my bedroom, so I got used to seeing my nekkid bod and the trouble was, I quite liked it. Mind you 70lbs down, I like it even more now.

    Hopefully, next time you visit, you will love what you see in that mirror!

  2. Doc, there are few things that put the same perspective on where we are with diet and fitness as much as seeing ourselves naked. Of course, there are also few things as motivating as seeing yourself naked when you can see the differences. Does that make any sense? Keep at it and next year that mirror will show you a totally different appearance.

    I hope seeing your doc went well.

  3. Ahhhh the "naked truth." Nothing like it. Glad top hear you're taking movtivation from it!

  4. I like your "Naked Truth" comment. So much so I'm stealing it and changing the name of this post!

  5. While I am short and a size 12, I am still 162 pounds and considered obese! The other day I was wearing a pair of my daughters old jeans, they were low rise (which I hate!) and my belly actually hung over the pants - gross!

    I like to blame it on insulin (since that's where I give myself shots) but, sadly, its the pizza, beer and wine that created my gut!

    Hang in there! :D

  6. I hear you...and identify! That is why I post a pic of my big bloated butt on my blog..... I think it was a way for me to truly face my situation and also to add some accountability to the mix. My "ah-ha" moment this time around was taking the kids to a waterpark last winter. Putting my 253 pound body in a bathing suit was bad enough..but huffing and puffing up the stairs to the slides.....over and over...I just felt SO old and SO out of shape. It still took me 3 weeks after that to roll up my sleeves and begin. But, since then, I have been pretty darn committed. So...hooray for "ah-ha" moments.....as painful as they are. You are doing great..hang in there and keep living a healthy life.

  7. Isn't it amazing how we can deny who we have become until faced with the reality of a mirror or photo. Good for you recognizing the problem!

  8. I actually admire your bravery in opening that robe. I don't think that I would have had the courage to look at myself and see the "naked truth."

    There were many times where I caught sight of myself either in a mirror or in a photo where I wondered, "Where did I go?" In some ways that was the hardest part of getting obese for me; not recognizing where I had gone.

    Congratulations on being brave enough to recognize where you are, and on being strong enough to do something about it!

  9. Yes, I actually find looking at my wobbles to be quite inriguing. I try not to let it get to me and make me feel down, but it's interesting how much weight I've put on over time and honestly, didn't really NOTICE. Either that, or I actually TRIED hard NOT to notice.

    I think we can see it as what we've done, and exactly what we can see improve and change with our hard work :) Next time its doc-time with the gown, you'll be seeing a different reflection!

  10. I hear ya sister! This is why I post monthly pics of myself in a sports bra and spandex leggings. Scales and tape measures can't compare to really looking at yourself once a month and allowing other people to do so as well.

    Each month, when DH takes my progress pics, I take the sports bra off and stand with my back to the camera and have my arms outstretched to show the rolls of fat on my back and hanging from my tricep area. I have not been brave enough to post these yet, but someday I will.

    Right now, I just post the frontal shots. Anyway, mirrors and pics -- they really tell the tale.

    Oh, Doc, I ordered the book IN DEFENSE OF FOOD and I will be reading it this week. Looks good! I will probably end up writing a post about it! Be good to you!

  11. I had a very similar moment yesterday, I saw myself on TV and it was NOT a good site! I can't wait to be excited about seeing myself.