Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy, Struggling, and Hot 100 Goals

Busy both at work and home so not posting or commenting as much as I'd like. 

Really struggled last week with the food.  Why is this so hard.  I really admire those that make a commitment, focus on their goal and stay on track 'til they reach their target.  People like Sean, JackSh*t, Diane, Tony theAnti-Jared and Jen.I don't know what its going to take for me to reach that level of committment. Diabetes doesn't do it.  High cholesterol doesn't do it. All the other risks I KNOW I'm running doesn't do it.

 Right after my doc's appt last week (with the "naked truth") and  I picked up a new med due to my cholesterol results I headed right for the convenience store for my old "usual" binge foods.  Haven't done that for months - long before I started this blog back in Aug.  I started thinking (planning?) on this when I left work so it wasn't the visit that triggered it.  Not a bad day at work either.

And made very poor food choices last week before and after that day as well.   The only thing that is giving me small wt losses - and preventing a huge gain this week  -is the hours I'm spending doing yard work. Imagine how much more progress I would have made if I was more committed and controlling my food choices and portions.  Extensive exercise providing wt loss is a typical pattern for me.  Getting late/long story so stay tuned 'til tomorrow.

Here are my pathetic results for the Hot   LukeWarm 100 Challenge

Hot 100 Goals:
Walk, exercise, work out at least 5 X a week 30-60 minutes. Total of at least 300 minutes per week - Total 800 hours of "functional fitness" but worked out only 4 X. Improved from 3X last week

Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day
Made it 2 out of 7 days  But did get to the groc and loaded frig up with Fruits and Veggies
Track calories with my electronic calorie counter.
Nope :-(
Limit Diet Coke to weekends only and no more than 2 per day
Nope :-(

Pump plastic ( I need some new dumb bells!) 2 X per week
Lifted logs not plastic X 3 this week

Rest of goals are longer term


  1. Hey DsD, hang in there! It will come to you. If you're anything like me (or human =) it might be that you feel deprived when you think of making different food choices. I recognize myself in heading for comfort foods after a check-up. And for me, it has to do with a feeling of deprivation I need to stave off immediately. I don't DO deprivation!

    So, figuring out what you can do that will make you feel treated/embraced instead of deprived, this might be a step in the right direction.

    You are committing to YOURSELF, and a very important part of that is truly to be kind to yourself. Good luck, I know you'll move that thermometer right up into HOT again!

  2. I see success on two out of five goals, and preparation for success on another one. The last two are things that will have to be tackled.

    I don't know what it takes to do it either. I have often said it is just a decision. Once you make the decision, the rest is easy. Unfortunately, how do you make yourself make the decision? That is the million dollar question. For me, it was ultimately health that did it. Looks weren't powerful enough, neither was the embarrassment of my fatness, but laying in bed one night realizing my life was being cut shorter by the minute woke me up.

    I hope you get that groove back soon. It could be the business of life that is robbing you of it right now. Perhaps as things slow down a bit you will find that lost motivation. Until then, keep doing what you are doing. It is important to at least maintain during these times. Every little move in the right direction is a victory.

  3. Steve has a good point about the fact that it really does come down to a decision. In the end, all of those people you listed in your post, including myself, made a decision that stuck.

    Not to say that it only takes one "decision day" to make it all easy. Not at all. But for me it took a lot of days of deciding to start over and over and over, before it was almost as if the decision was implanted in my brain and there was no turning back. Does that make sense?

    So on those days when you head to the convenience store for treats, then the decision will need to be made anew the next time you have to eat. This or that. Yes or no. And if the good decisions start to outweigh the bad then you have turned the corner in your mind.

    Sorry this was so long. I think this concept might make a good blog post - would you mind?

  4. I often feel discouraged about my progress because I do have issues that don't allow me to lose weight as fast as others. Lately, in order to stay on track and do the actual things I need to do I've been asking myself: "Is what I'm about to do going to move me closer to my goal?"

  5. At least you are recognizing what things need to change. Just remember that you have the ability to do anything you set your mind to do! Next week will be a better week :-)

  6. Diane - You are such a great source of inspiration that you just go ahead and use all the words you want! And I'm looking forward to a post from you on this subject.

    Thanks to Steve and all the rest of you for your support and encouragement

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